More than 100 of America’s leading communications firms are currently members of the Council. They represent the premier global, mid-size, regional and specialty agencies across every discipline and practice area.

Our Mission


Our Principles

→ Promote excellence in the practice of public relations firms

→ Enhance future success for member firms in a rapidly changing environment

→ Share best practices in firm management

→ Champion honesty, integrity and transparency

→ Expand and diversify the talent pool

Advocacy & Standards

The Council is dedicated to strengthening the recognition and role of public relations firms in corporate strategy, business performance and social education; to serve as an authoritative source of information and expert comment and to help set standards for the industry. The Council provides its members guidelines that include the Code of Ethics and Principles, which specifically addresses transparency and disclosure.

This is the foundation of a new, focused engagement – all to reflect our leading role in the world of marketing and communications. All to inform and inspire the Council’s mission. Expanding our resources. Enhancing our presence. Ensuring relevance and resonance for this evolving profession we call PR, today and tomorrow.

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