Thank you for your interest in membership in the PR Council (PRC), the U.S. trade association for public relations and integrated communications firms. The PRC’s mission is to advance the interests of member firms and the public relations profession through advocacy of public relations as an effective and strategic business tool. In doing so, the PRC provides business management tools, networking and learning & development programs to help firms improve their businesses and their staffs.

Membership applications are reviewed by the PRC’s Eligibility Committee. Firms applying for membership should seek to achieve an exceptionally high standard of client service, professional development and ethical conduct for its staff.

Dues assessed according to the chart below:

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  • Business Plans

    The PRC seeks member firms that operate with a clear vision of its business direction, financial performance and staff development goals and objectives.
  • Client Services

    The PRC seeks members who provide consistent standards of practice to their clients.
  • Standard of Practice

    Member firms must agree to abide by the PRC’s Code of Ethics & Principles. The PRC is a member of the International Communications Consultancy Organization (ICCO) and as such approves and accepts its charter of principles. Only firms that give reasonable assurance of their readiness and ability to uphold the highest ethical standards of the business will be received into membership. (The full copy of the Code of Ethics & Principles can be found at www.prcouncil.net/join/the-council-of-pr-firms-code-of-ethics, please review carefully before signing.)
  • Certification of Accuracy and Acceptance

    I certify that the information provided in this application and the attached supporting material is accurate. I accept and agree to abide by the standards of practice outlined in the PRC Code of Ethics & Principles outlined above. These standards of practice will be observed by all staff of the undersigned company.